Lenny and Angela Briney

Lenny and Angela Briney

Hi, I’m Angela DiGiovanniI’ve been dreaming of starting a baby brand since my miracle baby, Lenny, was born.  Maybe you’re like me, a highly sensitive person easily affected by anything too “loud” {whether lights, noise, or aesthetics}.  I quickly began to appreciate the more subtle baby clothes in neutral, calming colors or whites; natural, quality materials; and simple toys and accessories made out of wood and other non-toxic materials.

In a world of over-stimulation and being highly empathic, I crave a calmer way to baby my baby than the loud and flashy toys and clothes that bombard my senses.  The birth of ‘Lenny & Me’ was born out of this desire, as well as my continued focus and effort to keep things simple.

Studies show that too many toys and things curbs children’s creativity and focus and that they actually play less, the more toys they get.  Stimulation is important, no doubt, but the line of ‘too much’ is a fine balance.  Less noise, less busy, and less clutter allows space for more mindfulness and more intentional, less stressful parenting.  I am a work in progress and if this resonates with you, I hope you’ll join me in the ‘less is more’ revolution when it comes to our children.

Through ‘Lenny & Me’ I hope to bring us back to a calmer way of living where simplicity and mindfulness meet to create growth and foster better potential in our littles.

Lenny & Me offers simple, calm, and mindful ways to baby.

I hope you enjoy our beautiful handcrafted, heirloom quality items and most often organic clothing for the best care of your sweet baby.  Please enjoy a simple and straightforward shopping experience now by visiting our Lenny & Me Shop.


Angela & Lenny